Samson Compounds

Why Samson Compound

Best in class customer service

When you approach SCOM, you don’t just approach another business partner, but you approach a team that’s dedicated to giving you the personalized attention and service that you require. We have a dedicated international marketing team to serve our clients by providing technical product information assistance to improve client product knowledge and ensure higher quality and satisfaction of sales.

Product Range

With a vast range of products ranging from compounds to value added products spanning a range of polymers such as NR / SBR / BR / NBR / HNBR/vCR / EPDM / SILICON / EVA / VITON, SCOM is truly the one stop shop for all your polymer based product requirements.

1 - We add colour

For rubber compounds, deviating from the norm of rubber = black, we offer our products in a range of colors to suit your requirement. We color match with any colour in the pantone colour scheme.

2 - Food related customer compliance

Samson Compounds is able to cater any customer specific quality requirement, be it a FDA certification from US or Canada or a BfR certification from Germany. We comply with the most stringent quality standards across all our processors, which enables us to give you the premium quality experience our customers deserve.

2 - Highly Technical Products

SCOM possesses the capability to develop products with high technical specifications with features such as anti-abrasion, Anti-static, Fire resistant, Oil & chemical resistant, Ozone resistant, Electrical Insulation products and etc.

We use cutting edge technology

In the fast paced world and the changing international demands, we at Samson Compounds believe that updating ourselves with the latest technology gives us the competitive edge to stay relevant to our customers. A majority of our machines have been designed & fabricated in-house by our very own engineering teams. Our world class technical & product testing laboratory is equipped with the latest testing machines imported directly from Europe & US.

Innovative Focus

We invest heavily on R&D and have a dedicated team of 34 who drive R&D across the company. Among other aspects, the team focuses on new product development, improvement and modification to existing products and continuous improvements to quality and consistency standards. As a result, we have developed several products (patent pending) which will be ready to launch in the market in the near future. To aid us further in our valiant R&D efforts, we also have an MOU in place with Sri Lanka’s leading technical university, the University of Moratuwa, who jointly collaborate with our R&D team for Research & development projects.

Our invaluable assets = our employees

We believe that if our employees are happy, they will help us keep our customers happy. We currently employ over 500 employees in our facilities and we practice the best in class recruitment and retention strategies so we can help them serve you better!

We go green

With the growing concerns on the environment all over the world, we do our own bit to help preserve the environment. Our manufacturing and processors are environmentally friendly and we use non-toxic and hazard free materials in all our manufacturing processors.
We also make continuous improvements to our processors and bring about energy conservation initiatives to minimize material waste.
Emphasizing water conservation through reducing waste and recycling water is also just another way we help conserve our environment
As a requisite to going green, we play an active role in recycling product waste and creating value added products.

Sustainable Products

We are able to provide FSC certified products as well as currently working on adding further sustainable certifications to join hands in global sustainability. We are also developing a range of sustainable products soon to be launched in the market !