Samson Compounds

Company Overview

Backed by the legacy of DSI Samson group of companies, Samson Compounds (Pvt) Ltd is the largest manufacturer of polymer based compounding in Sri Lanka and the number one rubber compound supplier in Sri Lanka. Founded in the year 1962 by Mr. D Samson Rajapaksa, the DSI group is one of the largest privately owned conglomerates in Sri Lanka. The prestigious name of DSI is widespread over a range of industries including footwear, tyres, food grade and rubber products, trading and IT and etc.

Operating on the values of Customer satisfaction, Integrity, Corporate responsibility and responsibility over employees, Samson Compounds boasts of a proud history of over 20 years in the making, and operates alike in both local and export markets.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and have been recognized both locally and internationally for our quality and compliance practices. We go beyond contemporary compound manufacturing and use advanced polymer based technology that enables us to develop a wide variety of technical products to customer specifications. Our product range is extensive and expanding, with new products being added on to our portfolio continuously.

  To be the leading technology company in the country for polymer based compounding

  To facilitate our customers secure leadership in their respective markets segments and actively contribute to the growth of the group by directly venturing into related areas where the company has clear competitive and comparative advantages.

Samson Compounds deals in the supply of compounds for technical and non-technical applications to both local and export markets. Our products are competitive and are of international standard. Our compounds are used in wide array of products including but not limited to industrial tyres and other molded products.

We offer the maximum possible level of flexibility to meet our customers’ requirements and are able to comply with compliance requirements such as REACH/BfR/FDA and RoHS.


  Customer satisfaction

The most prominent aspect we as a company strive to achieve is the customer satisfaction. We consistently conduct research on the customer demands and behavior in order to cater their needs and the new trends in the industry. Eventually the company aims at ensuring customer satisfaction through a high quality product.


As a reputed company, we are honest in our purposes and intention to provide the customers with a quality product. Our intentions are transparent and we are responsible for our decisions.

  Corporate responsibility.

Samson Compounds (Pvt) Ltd never fails to fulfill its responsibility as a responsible as a corporate citizen in the society. The company invariably tries to be Eco friendly in manufacturing and regularly conduct programmers to inform the employees and the communities about the importance of environmentally friendly manufacturing.

  Responsibility over employees

The company always gives prominence to its workers who contribute immensely to the development of the manufacturing process of the company. We consider all our employees to be a part of one big family and have initiated various programmes for their welfare. Furthermore, programmes are conducted to develop and empower our employees.